Slice off the King! Manchester United Teng Jua won "van de beque" from Ajax.







Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League, becoming a prime candidate to grab the midfielder Donny Fade de Beek from Ajax to join the big team cut, Real Madrid from La Liga. Spanish player of the page


reported by Marca in the Spanish media indicate that Manchester United have made an offer to move ahead with the agency's van der Beek in the Netherlands considered. Successfully


However, the Red Devils fell News undermining the midfielder for Dutch team like Juventus it also marked the circumstances of the midfielder, 22, closely likewise after he almost moved on to play for Real Madrid. Madrid, when the market traded past summer players, but in the end the deal with the White King fell down.


Van de beck has played for the agency this season, a total of 37 matches, scored 10 goals and 11 assists, and one of Keyman led the team through to play in the UEFA finals. Champions league Last season


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