The bomb boy was born at the right place but at the wrong time.



Nick Powell became a comedian at the end of Manchester United despite the fact that he should be a key player of the "Red Devils".At the 2015/16 season, Manchester United's Louis van Gaal needed a rival for Wolfsburg in order to pass through the Champions League group stages. This field for 3 years, like Nick Powell instead.


"Pow instead of Mata" used to be a term used by fans in opposition to van Gaal before becoming a joke that many people used to say in a funny way. It's a meaningless sentence so there's no need to explain what it was for.

However, the fact that Powell's career with United was so bad that he had many disadvantages.


In that game, United scored a goal after Powell were sent down, but with the game's defensive standing, Naldo made another goal for Wolfsburg.

That was the last moment of Powell and United before he was released from the team without a trace.




But go back There was a time when that was not the case. Pow used to be an impressive star. Is the aim of the giant Fast becoming famous since the age of less than 20 years

Powell, 18, won the League Two Player of the Year award.


Powell is on the list of the big teams after leading Crewe Alexandra

ข่าวฟุตบอลต่างประเทศ in the play-offs. He only takes 15 minutes to score a goal from a superb shot.
In fact, because he was watched by many people, it was likely to put pressure on him. But in the end, it made the Powell show the best form


Powell is considered a player that Sir Alex Ferguson can mold to be the star of the team. Which is different from most famous stars that Fergie created, because many people say they grow directly from the "red devil" academy

He is a player that is halfway between Great talent Periodic manifestations are seen But lacking understanding of tactics With people who read the game well, as if being a


veteran Including can always be called And more outstanding than the young players of the same generation
Those who have seen Powell's form at Crewe will not be surprised to see him score goals for Manchester United since their initial match.



Powell's effort in the game against Wigan shows that he is superior to the one who follows him, which Powell tricked the other into giving space. Before firing from the edge of the penalty area with the ball passing through Ali al-Habsi

But at that time we didn't know that that was the only goal he scored against the Manchester United team.


Though Powell had to wait a long time to play, Sir Alex was a consultant to enlighten young players. That they have to wait until the right time, which Powell may feel they are guaranteed a long-term future

However, the big team is far under a new manager, whether David Moyes or Louis van Gaal, and on loan with Leicester, he doesn't get to much field.


Once you have played and scored goals at both Wembley and Old Trafford, it is too difficult to accept when you find that you are not getting as many opportunities. Despite having deposited works like that

After moving away from Manchester United permanently, Powell

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Powell acknowledges the fact that playing football is fun in the lower leagues. It's better than suffering with playing in a senior league.

However, many people still wonder if Powell should be closer to higher level playing. Like we thought when he was 18 years old that he should go a long way

Nick Powell's History

Born March 23, 1994 (26 years)

2010–2012 season Crewe Alexandra 55 (14)

2012–2016 season Manchester United 3 (1)

2013–2014 season Wigan (loan) 31 (7)

Leicester 2014–2015 (loan) 3 (0)

2016 Hull City season (loan) 3 (0)

Season 2016–2019 Wigan Athletic 92 (29)

Season 2019 - Current Stoke City 22 (4)