Not intended! Gomez sings VAR playing a normal fast image to consider the incident after being caught in a handball game at Liverpool and Man City.


Joe Gomez, defender of Liverpool Football Club in the English Premier League Pierce the VAR hearing to play a normal speed scene to use context in the referee's decision after being caught by a handball when Kevin De Bruyne's open ball hit his arm in the penalty area Penalty point

The England star was sentenced by VAR to a handball in the shot he attempted to block KDB's cross in the penalty area.The ball from the Belgian international's foot struck the arm. That Gomez came up with a natural pace, which the Pointer pointed out that there was no intention of raising the arm to block the direction of the ball at all.

"Personally, it was a frustrating event," the Reds center-back said in an interview with Skyspots. I ran back to my own door. I can't run, definitely putting my hands behind my back. "

“I'm not arguing that the ball didn't hit my hand, but what happened was I had no intention of doing handball. That was a frustrating issue because when the referee looked at the slow motion it was clear, but everything was very fast and De Bruyne had a very full kick.

"At that time, the black shirt made the decision, which I could do nothing but accept the decision. But I think we have a lot of space to discuss this. "

“For me, I have been running 100 per cent naturally, even though I haven't returned to the screen, but I don't think I intentionally use my hands. The ball hit my own hand. Of course, there will be situations where the ball is on the edge of the line and we have to keep our arms behind. But the timing was not an inherent defense if I had to do it. "

“It was frustrating and I knew I had to adapt to the rules. But maybe you have to consider the real situation that happens in real-time. Anyone watching the slow motion will see, 'Yep, the ball hit the arm', but you need to take into account the context. When the team is in a situation where the back is fast and the defender runs back to his own goal. No one will definitely run with their hands behind their backs. That is my main point. I won't deny that the ball didn't hit the hand, but you have to look at the overall picture of the incident. Use wit to ponder and consider that 'How could this guy avoid this situation?'

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