To claim greatness! 3 players that Manchester United have to pull together



1. Harry Kane


There is no need to have a description of the versatility of this England striker if Manchester United want to win the championship. It is necessary to have a striker to score at least 20 goals per season, which Ken passed in this round. Whether to score a goal from the ball in the air or on the floor Shot with the left foot or right foot Within the penalty area or outside the penalty box Including being a penalty assassin Everything that the striker should have in this Tottenham Hotspur has run out.


But the problem, if really wanting to get Ken, is that it looks like Manchester United is currently not a team that is bigger than Spurs until it can attract players at this level. Moving to football in Old Trafford is something that needs to be considered and importantly, the value of this deal would be at least 150 million pounds. Nonetheless, the spearhead degree No. 1 England national team And with this level of pace No matter how expensive it is, just throw in.

Jadon Sancho


After the end of Sir Alex Ferguson's era, Manchester United faced the offensive line on the right. Which, when looking at this Dortmund football player, it looks like a player that the Red Devils team wants, which is high speed Go well with the ball Hold the ball tightly Importantly, the statistics of goalscoring and assists are very high and young. Therefore, it can be the backbone of the team for many years to come.


As for the possibility of buying it, it is considered very likely. Because the former Manchester City boy was born in England and there is news that he wants to return to play in his hometown. The only problem is that it is close to Harry Caine, a regular Borussia Dortmund Dortmund was ready to leave players out of the team if you have already paid for. Therefore, if we are willing to wrestle and not value ourselves, maybe we will see The right side of the three-pronged battlefield game is back again scary.

3. Pierre-Emery ObamaMayo



From the excess of AC Milan to the most famous with Borussia Dortmund as the team's top striker Pierre-Emerick Obama may be one of the most complete strikers in the football industry. Statistics confirm emphatically that the Gabonese football this particular shot Football League to 20 goals in 4 consecutive seasons. Although this season has not yet ended, but has broken 17 goals with just 3 more goals, it will be a record 5 consecutive seasons successfully.


Although the Red Devils now have players like Antony, Marciac and Marcus Rashford, both of them don't look like they are not a natural center forward. This makes Arsenal shooting stars look better taxed. And most importantly, not as strong as the previous 2 The contract with Cannon itself is only one year left. So this deal seems to entice the Red Devils to pour their hearts on the cannon spear.


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