Manchester United's incredible wing "Lee Chong Wei" without a crown, world feathered chicken

Manchester United's rising star Daniel James says he can't believe that his ever-popular idol, Lee Chong Wei, is the world's first badminton player from Malaysia. That cannot step up to win the world championship
21-year-old Daniel James, the wing of Wales, revealed to The Star, a famous Malaysian media. He confessed that there is Former All England Featherweight Champion 4 times, being the all time idol of Him last year Discussion was added that His movement on the field was very welcome.




Chong Wei is regarded as a badminton player who has achieved great success as a runner up in the world championship and James said in an interview recorded in All England's "Never Mind The Shuttlecocks" that was uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday that he couldn't believe he had watched it. Lee Chong Wei on the badminton court all the time Various shifting methods His playing skills make the match game look very easy.




He also admitted that I have always watched matches in which Lee Chong Wei met Lin Tan, the rival couple in badminton. It's the most fun competition I've ever encountered. He likes the semi-finals of the Asian Championship in 2016, where Lee Chong Wei won against Lin Tan in a fun 2-1 game. Admitting that both sides played with great dignity.




Previously, James had admired Lee Chong Wei with Astro Sport during the month of October. After they met in the pre-season match in Singapore and Lee Chong Wei was a fan of the Red Court Manchester United team as well.




Now Chong Wei Has farewell badminton circles due to nasal cancer in July 2018, unable to return to badminton court until announcing to hang the racket back in June 2019, he is the best badminton player Very nice


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