The man who created the legend for the Reds



Full name Steven George Gerrard Steven George Gerrard
Birthday May 30, 1980 (39 years)

Birthplace, Wiston, England, Height 183



Steven George Gerrard, the legendary man of Liver Pool He was born on November 30, 1980, is a good footballer and he is also the vice captain of England.


Gerrard was a Mercury site since birth. He was born and raised in Haitan district in Liverpool. Causing the blood of fullness to be born And for this reason he has grown up in the family of The Reds were more than ever with Everton.


In the childhood of the legendary man of Liver

ข่าวฟุตบอลต่างประเทศ Pool, it is said that in the childhood of Steven Had the opportunity to wear the "red year" shirt but he declined He also took the matter that was being asked to pressure the insect on the side of the "Reds" to hurry to submit a contract to train players for another reason because he wants to play at Anfield more.


At this time, Gerrard would have been beaten twice by Celtic by other teams. But in the end, his heart wants to be a legend of the Reds


Steven received the opportunity to pitch from the opener

ข่าวฟุตบอลออนไลน์ of the former coach of Huey Ullier of the Reds. Who gave a bright red shirt to the eye in 1998 and he is also a trainer for Gerrard In the beginning, Gerrard Captured to play in many positions Which made Gerrard Has the ability to say that it is fully equipped And it is his good to the point that he hung the stud